Make Sports Better: Part X

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Author: Raghu
Bio: Texan. I think he mostly likes basketball. Pfft.

  1. More giveaways at live events: Look at the crowd. Yes, these were free t-shirts given to fans who OBVIOUSLY wore them to pump up their team. It created an atmosphere where each person became part of a larger group and not just individual fans.
  2. More televised high school games. Listen, have you seen this? There’s something to be said for watching the very best of the best in the NFL. There’s something even better for watching transcendent talents play real-life Madden ’11.
  3. NBA Dunk Contest has a 3 strikes and OUT rule. We don’t need any more of this.
  4. Let HS-ers in NFL head straight to the pros if they receive a 1st-round grade. There’s nothing about 2 years at Oklahoma that prepared Adrian Peterson more for the NFL. The kid was Earl Campbell v2.0 when he was 17 and a year or two of pro conditioning and top flight coaching would make him a beast at 19! If he split carries for the first two or three years, you’re getting him for 11 years before he hits 30 and not just 7 or 8.
  5. Let every single HS basketball player who wants to jump in the league do whatever he wants to do. One and done is a sham and ruining college basketball. Watching Derrick Rose now—did a year in college help him get anymore explosive or intense on the court?
  6. Interactive events: social media during the games. Let fans vote for one play a game. This is a very impractical request, but would be pretty fucking amazing.
  7. Eliminate the “all the yards until the spot of the foul” pass interference penalties in the NFL. College has it right: 15 yards. Jeff George, Randy Moss and the most improbably lucky offense in recent memory. Key play? Throw it deep and hope Moss catches it..otherwise we at least get 30 yards on interference.
  8. Pitch clock in baseball. I hate baseball because it takes so long. What takes pitchers so long between pitches? Get your ass in gear, guys.
  9. College rules for NFL overtimes. Give me Brady, Manning, Rogers or Brees and I’m taking offense every single time, scoring and you’re not going to win (because you don’t have my QB). It’s a flawed system and needs to go- the recent change was just a stopgap.
  10. Eliminate the Pro Bowl. It sucks. No one wants to be tackled after the season is over. All-Pro is the only individual honor (besides individual trophy awards) that matters. Plus, Superbowl players don’t show up. What’s the point of losing a QB on each side and at least 2 or 3 studs on offense and defense?
  11. Ban NBA draft scouts from talking about prospects’ “length.” Chad Ford, I don’t care how long he is.
  12. Ban Mel Kiper from talking about upside. Can he play or not?
  13. Let Maya Moore and Candace Parker play with the boys…at least for one game.
  14. Create a feature that allows someone to only watch the last 7 minutes of a basketball game. The first 40 are generally useless and games only get interesting at about the 85 point mark. Just do it already.
  15. 2 on 2 NBA All-Star Weekend bracket. Top two from each time battles it out video-game style. This is obviously an event made from Bron and Wade- but it’d be a huge pride thing and guys would come hard and at least play defense.
  16. Olympic style judging for NBA dunk contest, INCLUDING RULES, e.g. 1st jump must include backwards rotation, 2nd dunk must have two-handed element.
  17. Cheaper beer. Really? $7.50 for a Bud Light? Fuck off.
  18. Fan participation in GM decisions. In what universe is Joe Johnson worth over $100 million? The fans are screwed for the lifetime of the contract AND ARE STILL expected to show up to games and cheer. I call BS. Let fans interact with management…or at least have some veto power.
  19. At least 5 NBA games OUTDOORS each season. Chain-link fences, rabid fans, photographers all over the place, and that crazy And 1 Mixtape tour hype man narrating all the things that go down. Would make for an ELECTRIC atmosphere. Maybe put in shock fences so there’s no escape.
  20. Make the live experience better and more worth the cost. The TV experience now is amazing. HD has changed everything. I want cheaper food or more interaction or better amenities and not to pay for parking if I’m going to drive out to the stadium/field/court/arena and pay exorbitantly for the game.

Make Sports Better: Part IX

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Author: Craig
Bio: Engineers stuff for money. Steelers fan =) . Penguins fan =( . Apparently likes creative writing structures.

Two words: Goalie cam. As a hockey goalie myself, I have had the privilege of watching the world’s fastest game from the only location on the rink where you can truly see plays developing (both offensively and defensively). I want to share that joy with the sports community. (1) Setting up a camera directly on the goalies mask would create a whole new world for both current hockey fanatics and those new to the game. And imagine how awesome a Zhedo Chara slap shot that strikes the mask cam would look!

Make watching baseball on the TV less of a chore. Let’s be honest – baseball games are terribly boring. The teams even realize how boring they are by employing such gimmicks as making grown men race around the outfield dressed as sausages just to keep the fans interested/awake (so, (2), get rid of that). But what are we, the fans who did not buy a ticket to the game, supposed to do between innings, between pitches, between anything interesting? Talk to our family? Absurd. So why can’t ball clubs make watching baseball on TV more like being at a game? (3) Have cameras setup around the ballpark so we can feel like we are actually at the game. (4) For one inning, turn the announcers off and let us listen to the crowd. (5) Take us into the dugout for an inning. (6) Show us the wacky gimmicks, the trivia questions, the general mayhem that occurs during the game. Just do anything so I don’t have to surf the internet and listen to music just to be able to tolerate watching a baseball game.

NBA Jam rules. This is an easy one. We’ve all played NBA Jam, and loved all the crazy ways to change up the simple game of putting a ball in the basket. My personal favorite is the 4 (or 5 or 6 or even 9) point shots that show up randomly on the court. The NBA already is full of freaks of nature that can avoid traveling by taking two giant steps from half court and leaping from the 3 point line to dunk. (7) Why not actually challenge them by setting up special locations on the court (far from the basket of course) at certain times that are worth changing numbers of points? Imagine how awesome the end of a not-so-close game could be with a 9-point shot area located at half court.

(8) Eliminate the wave. This may not be a popular request, but nothing irritates me more at a sporting event than the wave. This is America – I’ll stand up and scream when I want to. This obnoxious “traidition” prevents me from watching the very thing I paid an obscenely large price for (unless it’s a Pirates game, in which case I paid $7 for it and a concert afterwards). Ballpark security should strictly ban this practice altogether and let us get back to gorging ourselves with hot dogs while yelling at the umpires about bad calls.

Let the umpires/referees/linesman fight back. The hardest job in all of sports is without a doubt being the man making the calls. Nothing the referees do will ever be considered perfect by the players, coaches, and most often the fans and none will hesitate to let them know their displeasure. But why doesn’t the referee get a chance to fire back? (9) When a hockey goalie lets in a soft goal, let the linesman laugh in his face. When a baseball coach signals a hit-and-run that backfires into a double play, have the umpire kick dirt at him. And when a 7-foot power forward misses a dunk, let the referee have a controller with funny sound effects that play over the loudspeaker. The final piece of this has to be for the fans. (10) Why not let the refs explain their call? Football has started this with explanations after video review and hockey has followed in their footsteps, but why not allow referees to explain themselves whenever they’d like, even directly to the face of certain fans. Maybe this would shut up some of those obnoxious fans who couldn’t even tell you the hand signal for holding but insist on yelling at the refs to call it each play.

Increase baseball playoffs, decrease baseball regular season. Baseball regular season is as awful as the postseason is exciting. (11) Why not kill 2 birds (Astros and Cardinals, maybe?) with one stone (Rockies?) by shortening the regular season and in place of it adding more teams to the playoffs. Everyone will be happy – players don’t have extra games, owners get the same (or even more for the playoff-bound teams) revenue, and fans get treated to more excitement and less snoring.

Make player salaries more dependent on performance. In all sports, players’ performances seem to have a drastic increase in the final year of their contract. Are they somehow playing harder for the money? While we’d like to think they are always trying their hardest, in most cases, this is not completely true. (12) So why not make every play more exciting by making them financially tied to the players involved, ensuring optimal effort out of everyone.

Change NFL overtime policy. I bet you’re guessing I’d change the “first team to score wins” mantra currently used in NFL overtimes, but I’m not. Instead, I’d like to see another more subtle change: (13) don’t let games end if they are tied after the first overtime. The real reason McNabb didn’t know the rule was he didn’t realize how dumb the NFL is. There are only 16 games in a regular season – why cut it even shorter? In very few instances does the game even get this far, so why not let it continue? American sports fans love ridiculously long games, be it 5 overtime hockey playoff matches where players can barely get their tired legs over the boards on a line change, or an epic tennis match that continues over 3 separate days. Imagine the level of awesomeness that could ensue when America’s most popular sport is allowed to continue uninterrupted.

(14) More player-fan interactions. Sure, franchises try to get their players out to meet the fans in some creative ways (Penguins players delivering season tickets to some lucky fans, for instance), but these situations should increase. One of the biggest reasons we love sports is the connection we feel to our favorite players and teams. The thrill of meeting these heroes of ours would only improve these connections.

(15) Add a salary cap for baseball. It’s tough enough being from Pittsburgh without being ridiculed every time baseball is mentioned just because the Pirates happened to have a record 18 straight losing seasons in a row (that number may not be right, but who even cares anymore?). Add a salary cap, make these overpaid sissies only get paid $200,000 per game where they bat 4 times and make maybe 3 plays in the field, and let some other teams get a chance to win for once.

(16) Eliminate punting in overtime of the NFL. This is another way to improve the overtime in the NFL. The strategy of overtime would completely change, with teams having to decide whether to kick or receive when they know that when fourth down comes around they could potentially give the game away.

(17) Have basketball’s “intentional foul” rule actual prevent intentional fouls. Nothing is worse than watching a team down by 10 with 1 minute left foul excessively hoping to somehow make their way back into the game. This rule is a sham – most of the fouls at the end of the game are obviously done intentionally, so make the damn call and let the game end already.

(18) Eliminate the trapezoid behind hockey nets. What a dumb rule, seriously.

(19) Increase ice rinks to Olympic dimensions. Olympic hockey is awesome, mostly because of the additional space that allows the best players in the world room to do their thing.

(20) Use common sense. Too often these days, games and seasons are decided by asinine rules and penalties that should not have any effect on the game. Golfers are disqualified for forgetting to sign their name on their scorecard. Football players are given obscene 15-yard penalties for kneeling to celebrate a big touchdown. Hockey video replay officials refuse to reward an obvious goal just because they can’t see the puck explicitly cross the goal line even though basic physics requires that the puck be in the net. Let’s use some common sense here and let the players decide the outcomes.

Make Sports Better: Part VIII

May 11, 2011 § 3 Comments

Author: Sterny
Bio: Architect, actually a decent hockey player when he isn’t whining about the ref

  1. Eliminate Pitch Counting. Who doesn’t love seeing a pitcher blow out his arm getting that last batter?!
  2. No More Cheerleaders. Hear me out. Let’s get rid of cheerleaders in sports where they don’t belong. Case in point: There’s nothing lonelier than a single cheerleader standing in the aisle of an entire section at a hockey game. They just look lost. And it;s always awkward when people try to walk around them and appear to “not actually stare.”
  3. More Shannon Sharpe. The guy’s an idiot. It’s like a never-ending SNL skit. I’d pay for a channel exclusively dedicated to Shannon Sharpe talking.
  4. Same as above, just replace Shannon Sharpe with Charles Barkley.
  5. A new sound system for the Nassau Coliseum. Okay – this one may be a little bit specific and personal, but it’s really, really bad. Like, worse than the actual team that plays in the building.
  6. More sea-creatures. The Red Wings have the Octopus. For no apparent reason, the Canucks now have the Salmon. (Ironically, the San Jose Sharks and Florida Marlins have yet to catch on to this tradition).
  7. More on-field microphones. I love the chirping that goes on between players during the game. Definitely adds a dimension of being part of the game.
  8. Pierre McGuire must go. No 5’-5” bald white guy should be the barrier between two benches in a tight hockey game on NBC.
  9. Eliminate Philadelphia sports and transport all Philadelphia sports fans to ::insert random desolate town here::. Ok, I know this sounds biased, but hear me out…Actually, I think all of you who are not from Philly probably don’t need me to defend this.
  10. Barry Melrose and Don Cherry need to give the play by play for the PGA Tour. Nothing would add life to a good ol’ round of golf like a greasy mullet and a wardrobe that’s louder than the crappy sound system at the Nassau Coliseum.
  11. Put all convicted felons who are currently playing in the NBA into jail. Think of the quality of play that the remaining Serbian-Jewish white guys would produce!
  12. I have full respect for the world of Poker and the skill that it takes to be good. But please get poker off of my television. Unless there’s a waitress in a skimpy dress offering to get me drinks, I do not see the logic behind watching poker.
  13. Make the Olympics more frequent. Nothing makes irrelevant and obscure sports as exciting as the effects of Nationalism. I mean, at what other point does it become acceptable to go to a bar to watch curling? Similarly, when else can grown men sit around watching 16 year old girls do gymnastics, and NOT get in trouble?
  14. Better thought-out flyovers. Why did my tax dollars pay for a flyover at the Superbowl, when the Dallas Cowboy Stadium is INDOORS AND COVERED? C’MON!!!
  15. Football broadcasts need to have a camera dedicated to covering morbidly obese linemen trying to roll over and get up after a tackle. This should be an HD camera to ensure full resolution of the belly rolls that fall out of jerseys.
  16. What the hell are the rules to Cricket? I don’t know how to make it better, without knowing why it’s good (or bad). Although, the prospect of a game lasting for a few days has some nice tailgating ramifications.
  17. A moment of sincerity: Steroids – MLB needs to take ‘responsibility’ for the entire steroid era as a means of ending the conversation. Anyone who is suspected or found guilty that has been significant to the sport should get into the Hall of Fame…But put them in a room and name it “the Era of Steroids.” Cheating or not, this era was full of important events and people to the sport. Its not absolving them of their sins. But the best way to move forward is to make a wholesale decision. MLB needs to make a sweeping gesture and go forward from there.
  18. An E-True Hollywood Story of K-Rod’s demise from THE closer to the guy that beat his girlfriend’s father, and tore a tendon in his thumb while doing so…And somehow he is STILL on the Mets.
  19. At least twice during hockey games, player wives who are in attendance must be shown. Hockey players always manage to undeservingly get the hottest girls, even without having teeth. See: Alexei Yashin and former super model wife Carol Alt. More recently, Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood (I love you Carrie).
  20. No matter how bleak it is, there is no way that moving a hockey team from Long Island to Kansas City is a good idea.

Make Sports Better: Part VII

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Author: Sean
Bio: Bleacher Report Writer, longtime fan of Curtis Joseph

  1. Legalize Gambling – Tax it… It would inject some money into the economy, and it would make watching sports much more fun for everyone. Downside: It would create a new generation of degenerate gamblers
  2. Spread the 24/7 Love – Seriously, is there anything cooler than the Hard Knocks and 24/7 shows on HBO? After watching the Pens-Caps one, I couldn’t even hate Sidney Crosby anymore. These shows provide a really in depth look at professional athletes we don’t really know much about.
  3. Make wearing colors at home the American standard – Soccer teams around the globe already do this. NFL and College Football teams already do this. So do NHL teams. Why don’t the NBA and MLB make the switch as well? Does anyone actually buy Lakers, Knicks, Celtics, or Heat jerseys in white?
  4. NFL Overtime – Do it exactly like college, but start from the 50.
  5. Down By Contact in College Football – Unnecessary and somehow has outlived its usefulness. Don’t penalize a guy for hitting the ground after making a great play. If he isn’t down by contact, let him get up and run.
  6. Make All Star Games Fun – The NHL All-Star game Skills Competition is easily the most entertaining All-Star event I’ve watched. Following closely behind are the NBA Slam Dunk Contest, and the MLB Home Run Derby/Celeb Softball game. All-Star weekend is supposed to be fun, so why don’t we make it that way? And counting games for home field advantage…seriously?
  7. Extra Time in Soccer – Is there anything more arbitrary in sports? Why does the soccer referee get to be a complete dictator about when the game ends?
  8. Stop Expanding March Madness – 68 teams is already enough. People may see VCU making the final four from the play-in round as a justification for further expansion. But eventually there will be a point where too many teams will be involed in this thing as people try to make more money off of it. Good luck making the Final 4 in 2035 when there’s 128 teams in the tournament.
  9. Stop Penalizing for Celebrating – Sports are supposed to be fun. Don’t throw a flag at a guy for dancing in the end zone as 70,000 people cheer for him. Do penalize clearly organized and planned out celebrations like Joe Horn with the phone or T.O. with the Sharpie. Don’t fine the guys for having fun though, just penalize their teams. The coach will take care of the rest.
  10. College Football Playoffs – About as obvious a choice as there could be on this list. NFL playoffs are already so much fun. And how about March Madness? An eight team college football playoff would captivate the nation for a month, easily.
  11. League reviews on diving in Soccer – The NHL and NBA review video and make determinations whether players should be suspended for serious penalties, technical fouls, or faked injuries as a means of gamesmanship. In soccer, leagues should constantly review video and fine/suspend players for diving. The incessant flailing and faking really turns Americans off to the sport. If it were better regulated and there was less of it, we’d be more open to the sport as a whole.
  12. Salary Cap Floors – Leagues can determine a set amount of money owners should be making (based on ticket revenue and league licensing payouts) and investing back into their teams. The numbers should be something that guarantees that even the poorest owner is turning a profit, but one that also ensures competive balance among the teams in the league. The NHL has already instituted it (though the Islanders craftily circumvented it with impossible to reach incentives for veterans), and the practice would work great in Major League Baseball.
  13. Pay College Athletes – These guys practice and play enough that they’re basically working a full-time job. The least we could do is give them some of that TV money so they can live like normal college students. We give these kids a free education, but take away all their free time and tell them they can’t work. Then we’re surprised when these broke college kids start taking things for free. Kids would also stay in college longer if they were being paid enough money to support themselves.
  14. Make games affordable for the real fans to go – The true fans have been out-priced by the ever-rising ticket prices of professional sporting events. This has killed the atmosphere at great stadiums of the past like Yankee Stadium, Fenway Park, the Boston Garden etc. The die-hard, working-class fans are now relegated to the upper depths of the stadium where they cannot be heard. This leaves a corporate-like atmosphere in the lower bowl and for those watching on TV.
  15. Organize a bigger Champions League competition for the world – I know that the FIFA Club World Cup already exists and is a tournament that squares off Champions League like winners from around the World. But it would be so much sweeter if there were one Champions League style tournament that all of the professional soccer leagues in the world sent teams to. This would be like an international March Madness and would draw as much attention as the actual world cup itself. Right now, very few people care (or even know) about the FIFA club world cup.
  16. Pay scales for rookies vs. veterans – Veterans should make more money on average than rookies, period. Especially in a league like the NFL where half of the first round picks turn out to be busts; those players shouldn’t be guaranteed all that money from the start.
  17. Retirement benefits for players – It’s sad that old NFL players can’t afford to pay for their medical bills. This is a multi-billion dollar industry. The fact that they can’t find a way to take care of former employees is embarrassing.
  18. What’s that trapezoid supposed to accomplish anyway? – Seriously, get rid of the thing. The trapezoid was the most senseless new rule that the NHL instituted. It accomplishes absolutely nothing.
  19. Expand Instant Replay – Just for important things (Goals and Potential Offsides on Goals in Soccer, Home runs and Fair/Foul in baseball). Nothing crazy, we just need to get the big calls right.
  20. Let the winning league in interleague play get home field advantage – We pit the leagues against one another every season, and ESPN tracks the overall record for each league seemingly for no reason. Instead of letting one game decide which league gets home field advantage, let’s use a 252 game sample of interleague competition. The AL would have hosted 10 times since interleague play began, while the NL would have hosted 4 times.

Make Sports Better: Part VI

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Author: Alyssa
Bio: Sister. Converted to sports fan by rabid brother, Zach. Likes the Mets out of pity.

  1. smaller stadiums (more passionate fans – more competition for tickets)
  2. dinners where athletes will be present that the public can buy tickets to
  3. have a discount for enthusiastic dress (loud jersey, face paint, etc)
  4. sell booklets of profiles of athletes at the games (favorite food, family, hobbies, beliefs)
  5. have athletes advocate for a foundation of choice in between innings or periods or halves (etc), encourage fans to donate
  6. plan events at bars that public can buy covers to
  7. organize contests/raffles to “spend a day with an athlete”
  8. permit a wall of the respective stadium to be signed by guests/fans
  9. encourage/write/make custom more creative chants for the teams – give passionate fans something constructive to yell about, sense of community
  10. reward fans for loyalty. “50 games attended” present, “100 games” present, “1000 games” present, etc. could be anything: pins, rings, hats, etc.
  11. have fans submit designs for t-shirts or apparel
  12. create a who-wants-to-be-a-millionaire sports edition
  13. have a sports festival in the summer, showcases by MVPs of all sports (the lollapalooza of sports). maybe tents can sell sports-related merchandise, the MVPs can be there presenting, there can be lessons by some coaches or trainers, there can be physical therapy tents for injured players
  14. create cartoons based on famous sports teams/a comedy of the life as a famous athlete
  15. create a “dinner with 20 strangers” among fans. the idea is to have 20 strangers that share the common interest of love for a team to share a meal or coffee together. makes for interesting networking and table talk. sign up can be coordinated online or at sporting events.
  16. create blogs for teams that are open to public postings – can be found on team websites
  17. somehow make the teams more equally skilled. one team should not win every consecutive year
  18. have a yearly event for each team that requires application to attend strictly for networking purposes. have the team members there along with administration and 200 high school to grad school age students deeply invested in the team
  19. have a magazine or newspaper subscription for each team (if that doesn’t already exist)
  20. lower those damn salaries – it’s just not fair!

Make Sports Better: Part V

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Author: Josh
Bio: He writes this blog

  1. Lift the ban on endzone dances
  2. Establish universal standard scoring settings for fantasy football
  3. Make public transit to the game the easiest thing in the universe
  4. Price discount for people who wear the home team’s home jersey to the game
  5. Have more fun at the expense of people who wear the visiting team’s jersey to the game
  6. More stadium traditions akin to the Bleacher Creature Roll Call
  7. “Happy Hour” drink & concession stand specials for people who get to the game early
  8. Move all All-Star Games to the end of the season. Get rid of World Series homefield BS. Teams drafted pickup style like NHL
  9. More on-field/uniform ads, less TV timeouts
  10. Sports crossover All-Star Games (ie, NL vs. NFC in a game of basketball)
  11. Fix the NFL’s field goal/last-second-timeout disaster. Preferably, before somebody gets injured on a play that didn’t count
  12. No kicking in the NFL All-Star game
  13. Less kicking in the NFL, in general
  14. You can only introduce a new jersey for your team once per decade
  15. Do anything to fix the NBA Hall of Fame because it’s a complete trainwreck disaster
  16. Space Jam 2
  17. The Soundtrack to Space Jam 2
  18. Every copy of Sandlot 2 and 3 buried in a massive landfill
  19. Anyone suspected of doing steroids in baseball can’t be elected to the Hall of Fame. Instead, they may be elected to the Hall of Phlegm
  20. Smaller MLB bullpens, more instances of position players having to pitch an inning
  21. Zambonis that can be used to clean/wax basketball courts during intermissions, too
  22. No more overtime losses that count as 1 point in hockey. No more shootouts at the end of tied games, either
  23. At the end of the NHL Postseason, the Scott Niedermayer Trophy for the player with that spring’s best playoff beard
  24. Salary cap loopholes/provisions so that it’s easier for teams to keep tenured players / All-Stars seeking paydays / Lebron James
  25. NHL Skills Competition events for fighters, too
  26. I have no idea what channel the Versus Network is; why can’t I set my DirecTV so that it’s always channel 3 (or whatever)?
  27. Related: Kill the Versus Network
  28. Sports league commissioners are tenured the same way we tenure our President: four year terms, two terms max, entry by popular vote
  29. Related: Don’t publicize the fact that voter turnout for sports commissioner elections will probably be higher than that of presidential elections
  30. Jesus Christ allow NFL and MLB clips on Youtube already

Make Sports Better: Part IV

May 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

Author: Peter
Bio: Actually an avid hockey fan. I think there are only like six of those left. Dislikes using capital letters.

  1. have an all-mascot game before the all-star game
  2. outdoor basketball games at neighborhood parks (even if exhibition)
  3. give away one piece of game-used equipment directly after the game via raffle. Honestly. What’s better than watching a game for three hours and taking a piece of it home with you? Have one piece of game-used player’s equipment or apparel designated as a prize to be given away to one lucky fan. The cost is minimal, and it’s sure to draw a huge amount of respect for thinking of your fans.
  4. give away unoccupied rich people seats a certain portion into the game (a no-show cutoff time)
  5. make concessions more affordable for families, etc.
  6. more promotional give-aways (seriously, why did these disappear? they draw fans)
  7. charge less for parking ($50 for a jets game is ridiculous)
  8. give a discount for wearing team colors or team stuff (I think josh already said this)
  9. prevent pre-season holdouts by bitchy players who feel that they want more money even though they’ve signed a contract
  10. get rid of trading for “expiring contracts” (NBA)
  11. find a way to keep players on a team for longer periods of time (more Michael Jordan’s, Cal Ripken Jr.’s)
  12. find a way to accommodate out of market fans (without paying $15/mo for MLB TV. maybe pay a smaller fee for access to just one team’s games?)
  13. institute replay as needed to reduce botched calls
  14. fine players for aggregating for on the field for confrontations (NBA fines people for leaving the bench, why doesn’t the MLB? the “bench clearing brawl is a JOKE, it’s just people jawing at each other)
  15. more Canadian NHL teams, less phoenix, florida, atlanta junk
  16. crack down on DIVING (mainly soccer, NBA)
  17. have a maximum rookie contract, it’s getting ridiculous (MLB, NBA especially)
  18. legalize mixed martial arts in new york
  19. control (not necessarily ban) alcohol consumption in some way (make sports more family friendly)
  20. have the all-star game in the middle of the offseason instead of the middle of the actual season

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