*About Josh

Josh Petersel is a full-time MBA student at Harvard Business School, class of 2013. He spent his summer working as a Product Manager at OpenTable, and his winters studying in India and China.

Prior to business school, Josh spent five years working on Eleven Magazine (and later, Eleven Media Group), turning the enterprise from a simple, dorm-room based idea into a comprehensive monthly guide for St. Louis music fans and culture enthusiasts. It was a way better use of his time than surfing the internet. Josh last held titles such as CFO and Associate Editor, but also sporadically contributed as the magazine’s most heralded and hilarious columnist (arguably).

Josh graduated with a BSBA from Washington University in St. Louis in May 2009, triple-majoring in Finance, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship.

Josh’s current life goals include shooting a flamethrower, building a treehouse, writing a book, and street performing—though not necessarily in that order. He is currently considering careers in Design Thinking, Marketing in Creative Industries, Entrepreneurship, Medicine, Inventing, Waiting Tables, Teaching, and Professional Wrestling (the fake kind).

If you’re interested in Josh professionally, you might want to connect to him on LinkedIn. If you just think he seems like a nice guy, you can also friend him on Facebook or send a thoughtful email to peterselj@gmail.com .

Josh usually doesn’t write about himself in the third person, but he thought it’d be fun to try out here.

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